The Whitsundays stand out as a wonderful travel opportunity that is often overlooked because of reasons that should not even be considered. Some people think that the only thing that can be done in Whitsunday Islands is relax on one of the beaches. The belief appears as there is a lot of media coverage around various local beaches with White haven Beach as the most covered. It is normal since it currently has the title of the most photographed beach in the world. However, even though this is true and you do want to visit as many beaches as you can, basking in the sun is definitely not the only activity you should enjoy. Many others can be mentioned.

We will stay focused on some that are particularly attractive among various tourists that already visited the Whitsundays. Consider them for your next vacation and we are sure that you will love your stay even more.

Before we start talking about the actual activities, remember that you should never spend only a weekend in the Whitsunday Islands. That would be a shame since you cannot enjoy everything that the islands have to offer. Always go for longer stays. Plan your stay for longer periods of time if necessary.

  1. Snorkeling And Scuba Diving


Thousands of visitors visit the Whitsunday Islands every single month in order to take part in such activities. Many of the really popular sailing Whitsundays packages include such activities and nomad travelers can create a wonderful, personal itinerary that would cover some of the best scuba diving spots around the world.

Interested tourists can enjoy many fish schools swimming around beautiful coral reefs. If you love diving of any kind, make sure that you include this while you are sailing the Whitsundays. A special focus should be put on the opportunities that include The Great Barrier Reef.


  1. Sea Kayaking Whitsundays


Since we mentioned the Great Barrier Reef, we also need to talk about kayak Whitsundays opportunities. You simply should not go sailing the Whitsundays without experiencing regular kayak Whitsundays opportunities or sea kayaking opportunities. This would simply make your trip less enjoyable, especially in the event that you enjoy relaxing activities. The activity is so popular that there are even guided kayak Whitsundays tours that you can be a part of.


  1. Yachting And Boating


Besides exploring the actual islands, you can also enjoy your travel experience by renting yachts or boats. We guarantee that you will appreciate this activity since it is perfect for both young and older travelers. In fact Whitsundayssailingadventures recommends Sailing Whitsundays as a fun activity for families. What could be more fun than having your own yacht to travel around and build wonderful, long lasting memories? Combine these renting options with great accommodations for before you live and after you finish your planned trip and you will love everything.


  1. Cruising The Whitsundays


This is pretty much the preferred sailing Whitsundays options among tourists from all around the world. There are various different cruises that you can be a part of and that will take you to many different parts of the Whitsunday Islands. Take as much time as you may need to choose what you would love the most. It is a guarantee that you will appreciate the experience and sailing Whitsundays is often considered to be better by tourists when being a part of a cruise because of the fact that they get a chance to enjoy the visit together with other people that are also travel enthusiasts. However, keep in mind that this is not a travel way that is enjoyable by everyone. Learn all about cruise accommodations and possible on-board activities to make sure that you will find a great time.


  1. Enjoying Playing Golf


Believe it or not, the Whitsunday Islands are actually known around the world for the golfing experience that is offered at Turtle Point Golf Course. The golfing scenery is simply majestic and you can stop wildlife while you enjoy a relaxing day. Make sure that you consider Hamilton Island if you like such activities since you will have more entertainment options available.

Enjoy The Whitsunday Islands Your Way

Keep in mind that these are just 5 of the many different activities that tourists from all around the world can enjoy in the Whitsunday Islands. Just because something is really popular for others does not mean that you necessarily have to consider that alternative. There are some people that simply do not like sailing the Whitsundays because they do not actually like sailing. You can always go for other interesting island activities that you would enjoy like camping, fishing or many water sports.

Although it might sound like a cliché, the Whitsunday Islands truly have something for everyone. Just make sure that you will consider the activities above as they are great.


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