Turkey is one of the most frequented tourist destinations in the world due to its unique tourist attractions. Indeed, there is a myriad of tourist attractions in Turkey, ranging from natural landforms to pilgrimage sites. These attractions are feats for the eyes for both locals and international tourists with valid Turkey visa. The attractions are spread all over the country, with each province having its own unique attractions. Here is a sneak peak of the best places in Turkey to visit this summer without spending a fortune.

Natural landforms

Natural landforms always give an inkling that nature is holding a beauty contest. In this summer, lovers of nature cannot afford to miss the breathtaking sight portrayed by the geographical landforms in Turkey. Precisely, the following landforms attract several tourists to Turkey every year.

The Anatolian plateau Mount Nemrut, (2134 meters above sea level). The Koroglu Mountain ranges the Thrace and the Aegean region Southern plains

Coastal attractions and beaches

Coastal attractions in Turkey are the cornerstones of a romantic outing this summer. People can have a time of their lives with their significant others in areas like:

The Kusadasi attractions in the Aegean coast Antalya, Adana and Kus attractions in the Mediterranean coast Patara beach

Modern and ancient cities

Turkey’s cities attract people to themselves like moths to flames. This is because of the fine architecture and state of the art facilities. They are also homes to many tourist attractions. Precisely:

Istanbul is Turkey’s capital. It is houses tourist attractions like Rami M. Koc Museum, Sultanahmet district, Kariye Museum, Basilica Cistern, Rumeli Fortress and Bosporus Strait. This is just a tip of the iceberg. There are also several hotels and restaurants in this city to accentuate the holidaying experience. Bodrum city. This city is the home to tourist attractions such as the Castle of St. Peter, Port Bodrum Yalikavak, Bodrum Barlar Sokagi and Bardakci Cove, to name but a few. There are also ancient cities that beg to be explored, including Paumkkale, the Troglodyte villages of Cappadocia and Ephesus.

Attractive Mosques

Turkey is one of the most toured pilgrimage destinations for Muslims. This is because it is the home to ancient mosques which are very significant in the spread of Islam. For instance, most Muslims flock in Konya from 10th to 17th December to commemorate the death of Sufi and Rumi. The most toured mosques include:

Hagia Sophia Museum. The Blue Mosque. It is famous for its six minarets surrounding it and its blue interior. Salimiye mosque in Edirne province

Attractions in various provinces.

If you are in Turkey for a long holiday, visiting the tourist attractions in each province is as right as rain. This is because each province has its own unique attractions. Here are a few examples:

Attractions in Izmir province include Afes antique city, Izmir wildlife park, Kordon boyu and Alsancak Carian Trail, Labranda ruins, Farilya Horse riding and Akbuk Cove are found in Mugla province In Eskisehir province, Kent Park, the Midas monument and the Ataturk Stadyumu are beauties to behold.

Indeed, Turkey is the country to visit this summer. You will get a chance to learn the Turkish culture briefly once you visit the Aspendos Theatre, the Library of Celsus and Gallipoli. The Grand bazaar market, Akmerkez, Istinye Park, Kanyon, Forum Istanbul and Galleria are suitable for fashionstas and lovers of shopping while Tomtom suites, Four seasons Hotel, Hotel Sultania and My way hotel are a few of the hotels and restaurants that offer food and accommodation at prices that do not break the bank. For these reasons, it is safe to say that Turkey is the place to be this summer, as long as one has a valid turkey visa and other travel documents.


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