Bali is listed as one of the best wellness destinations. Most health and fitness retreats in Bali come with great packages, features and great accommodation to maximise your comfort and peace. This might pose a challenge to visitors who can’t seem to decide on the best retreat spot for them.

Are you planning a health and fitness retreat in Bali? Here are some factors to consider when deciding on the best Bali health retreat packages for you.


How much will it cost you for the retreat? What are your spending limits? Remember that your budget will likely affect the package you get. Fortunately, most retreat centres in Bali offer different types of packages, ranging from standard to premium.

Most retreats include food in accommodation but some don’t. Therefore, assume that everything is included in the price. Before settling on a budget, ensure you ask about the different packages and the different features. Pricing at an impressive retreat centre could be anything from 200 Euros.

Solo, couple or group retreat?

Are you looking for fitness holidays for singles or coming with your partner or spouse? Maybe it is a group retreat (three or more people).

There are great Bali retreats for singles. Get away from the everyday stresses of life and immerse yourself in a rejuvenating experience.

There are some retreats that are especially perfect for couples who can bond over world-class massages, yoga, aromatherapy by the pool and cooking classes.

If you will be arriving as a group, you should certainly make enquiries on booking weeks before you arrive, just to be sure that there are enough rooms for you. You might also want everyone to chip in their opinion and health needs, before booking a place. This is to ensure that everyone in the group has a great time. Some centres might also offer discounts for group visits.

What activities are you interested in?

What is your main reason for attending the health and fitness retreat? Is it part of your honeymoon with your sweetheart? Is it a personal time to reflect, recover and grow? Or is it a team-building event for you and your family, colleagues or friends?

Different retreat centres offer varying activities. From yoga to boot camps and outdoor excitements like surfing, horse riding, golfing and sky sports.

For instance, the Active Escapes give you the opportunity to partake in a well-balanced fitness escape in Bali, where surfing, yoga, pilates, TRX suspension training, circuit training, horse riding, golfing and more activities are perfectly combined with sunshine. This is a good spot if you are looking to combine healing with some crazy fun physical activities to create the perfect getaway experience.

Menu and cuisine

We can’t speak of health and fitness without mentioning food. What do you wish to eat while on your trip? Enquire whether everyone coming for the trip likes the cuisines offered at a retreat centre before booking your stay.

Remember that this visit is meant to improve your health and most centres are located in beautiful but remote locations. So don’t be surprised if you have a hard time finding your favourite pizza or spicy burgers. Retreats are healthy vacations, meant to recharge your soul, clean your body and re-energise your whole self.

Who are your retreat teachers or trainers?

Your teacher and trainer have a direct impact on your Bali fitness holidays. Remember to do a background check on your holistic teacher and fitness trainer. Make sure they are experienced and worth every dime you pay. You can find testimonials on travel sites like TripAdvisor or their social media pages.

In conclusion, you should have a specified schedule that matches your needs and desires for the retreat. Have the best time by knowing your Bali retreat destination well and making a corresponding plan.

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