The first thing that comes to your mind when someone mention about bail is what? It is the beaches obviously. Bali is an amazing island and is bestowed with beautiful serene beaches. It is one of the top destinations in the world for the beach goers. The volcanic beaches of the west and the soft sandy beaches of the south make a splendid contrast. Everyone is well aware that Bali has beaches and that is why people travel to the distant land but what about the beaches that are nestled below the secluded cliffs and are difficult to get to. I will tell you some of the hidden but most beautiful beaches in the Bali.

Green bowl:

Getting to green bowl is a bit daunting task but when you arrive there you will forget the effort and will get lost in the serene beauty of the beach. It is an excellent spot for the surfers. It is situated at the northern coast and you can get there with the help of long stair case from the temple at Bali’s resort there. The blue water with a touch of white waves gives an awesome view. I would recommend you to visit this beach to have long lasting memories.

Dream beach:

It is the splendid beach having a magical beauty. It is not in the main Bali but some 30 km away from the eastern coast of Bali at southern shores of Lembongan, a small island. The sunsets here are wonderful and worth clicking. Take photos and make canvas prints art to save the beautiful scenes. The white sand and palm trees are complementing each other giving a stunning view. You will get the beach style accommodation here and the local food from the single café here.


It is located on Bali’s bukit peninsula. It is an excellent spot for surfing .the yellow soft sand looks amazing. You can get here with little effort with a dozen steps down a limestone hill. For the surfers the surfer meal, Cold refreshment and beer are available at the beach shacks.

White sand beach:

It is the stunning hidden beach and is secluded stretch of the coast between two hills. You can get there from the village’s Pura Bale temple with the help of stairs. Enjoy the white sand and add an adventure to your tour.

Enjoy the crystal water of Finn’s beach:

It is the fantastic but costly beach for the outsiders. You have to deposit IDR 250,000 inclusive of food and beverages at the beach. The beach has only one access and that is two-minute funicular ride down between the two hills. The scene of crystal clear water and the warm sun will make you relax and calm. A Mediterranean food is available here which you can enjoy under the thatched-roof shades of the open kitchen at the beach. Take your family and friends here and have a memorable tri to Bali.

Soka beach:

If you are tired and bored of the over popularity of the southern beaches of Bali then have a break and go to the west of Bali. Here you will get less crowded and amazing beaches. The soka beach is one such less crowded beach. The distinctive feature of the soka beach is the black sand and imposing chain of hills all around. Enjoy watching the big coral stones surrounded by sea and sand.

These are the hidden but magical beaches of the Bali. When you are in Bali do pay a visit to these secret beaches and relax your body and soul.

About the Author: AtiqUr Rehman is professional independent information technology provider. He writes on gardening, home decoration and photography.


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