To prepare your stay in Vietnam, here is some information that may be useful. For any request for additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.

The passport expiry date shall not be less than 6 months at the end of validity of the visa or residence in Vietnam.Obtaining a visa is required to enter on Vietnamese soil except for people in some countries of South-East Asia (Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia …) and Northern Europe (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland).The visa can be issued either by Embassies of Vietnam in your country of residence or by the Vietnamese customs at the port of entry for international airports (since 1999, the  vietnam visa on arrival  at the port of entry is issued by the Vietnamese customs ).

The import of foreign currency is free, however you must declare the entry greater than $ 3,000 amounts. Keep your shopping bills, they may be requested to customs upon your return. The import and export of local currency (Dong) are prohibited.Before your departure, you must email us a copy of your travel insurance (covering at least medical expenses and repatriation) in which are specified the details of the insurer, the policy number of insurance client.

Hotel: A wide range of hotels is at your disposal, ranging from mini-hotels to 5-star resorts. However, the classification of these do not always respect the international but local standard. Reservation with mini-hotels are not always safe or serious: Indeed, some hotels lacking serious does not save your reservations in favor of passing customers, so you may simply be rejected. For this reason, it is recommended that you work with intermediary agencies, partner hotels that offer you not only a better price but you guarantee the reservation.

Homestay: No standard reference used to assess the comfort of the accommodation. However, we can give you details about the housing conditions. Comfort is usually simple but welcome by the hosts is incomparable.

In Vietnam, we drive on the right. The foreign driving licenses are not recognized, it is forbidden to travelers and non-residents ride a motorcycle or a car; it is necessary to use the services of a driver. Only foreigners residing in Vietnam are allowed to drive after translation of their driving license.

The motorcycle helmet is mandatory. These are sold everywhere in Vietnam.

The cost of living is much lower than in the West, Vietnam is an inexpensive destination. Your budget depends mainly on comfort conditions in which you wish to travel.Euros and dollars are widely accepted in major cities in Vietnam. You can then come up with euros / dollars for your initial expenses. You will be able to withdraw money (Dong only) at bank counters. For small expenses, it is more advantageous to pay DONG (the local currency) you can make changes easily in the shops, the bank or in your hotel.

The price of international calls to Vietnam declined significantly in recent years. Today via the number 171 or 178 services, the cost of an international call is about 0.50 euros / minute to Europe. This service is free but if you are calling from a hotel, it is best to first contact at the reception.

Although Vietnam is a developing country, there are all kinds of products. The high-tech local crafts materials (lacquer, paint, silk, sculpture …), most cities full of small shops and now even big shopping centers. A board so for those wishing to enjoy: Travel light!

It is common to thank the guides and drivers a tip but nature, tipping is not mandatory, the award and the amount, according to the service rendered, are at your sole discretion. Thus, our estimate does not include gratuities are not fixed. As a guide, expect 3-5 euros per day per person to be split between the guide (60%) and driver (40%) depending on the size of your group and the duration of thestour .Moreover, it is very convenient to prepare in advance of euros, dollars or Dong (local currency) if you want to give a small tip to pedicabs, boatmen, porters, … For information, or 50,000 Dong 2 usd / euro

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