Termites can destroy a resort quickly by weakening the structure of buildings. Bedbugs are an equally bad problem because they can drive guests away and lead to poor reviews online. Resort owners in Bali need to be proactive about controlling these pests. There are a number of ways to keep a resort free from termites and bedbugs.

Keep the Resort Clean

All termite infestations start outside. The same is sometimes true with bedbugs. Something that will help with termite control is keeping the resort clean. Piles of moist leaves or other organic debris can become breeding grounds for pests. If a colony in one of these piles grows large enough, then it will spread out and get into rooms and buildings in the resort. Any potential outdoor nesting spots should be cleaned up and removed from the property right away.

Take Care of Plumbing Problems Immediately

Something that makes it possible for termites and bedbugs to thrive inside resort buildings is moisture. Minor leaks in areas where guests do not go could be providing enough water to support a massive colony. Termite colonies in Bali resorts only require a few drops of water a day to survive. Any plumbing problems in the resort should be repaired immediately no matter how small.

Keep Wood and Debris Away From Walls

Something that has to be done to make any termite treatment effective is clearing wood and debris away from walls. Anything touching the walls of resort buildings could become a channel for termites and bedbugs. Anything that could harbor termites should be kept a minimum of 12 to 18 inches away from walls. This must include trees and bushes. No plantings should be touching the side of any buildings in the resort.

Seal Cracks and Other Openings

Termites and some bedbugs can make it inside a resort through gaps, cracks and other openings in exterior walls. The pests can spread fast along pipes and electrical wires once inside. Any cracks should be repaired as part of a more comprehensive termite treatment. Additionally, openings like vents and exhaust pipes should be covered with a fine mesh to keep the pests out of resort buildings. The rooms and buildings should be inspected for cracks at least once every few weeks.

Call Professionals Regularly

The best way resort owners in Bali can prevent problems with termites and bedbugs is to call a professional. A termite control specialist can inspect the entire resort for signs of an infestation that might not be obvious. They can also put down deterrents and traps. Resorts with a problem will benefit from professional termite treatment that eliminates the entire infestation quickly. Resorts should be inspected for termites and bedbugs at least once each season.