Every year, thousands of students from the U.S., UK and Commonwealth countries travel around the world to teach English. Teaching English is a great way to help other people expand their own horizons while enjoying beautiful settings and intriguing culture. Teaching jobs in Bali are becoming a more visible alternative to traditional destinations like Japan and South Korea. Those who look for teaching jobs in Bali Indonesia will find that there are often more positions available than there are teachers to fill them!

Before you set off for your teaching job in Bali, however, it’s important to understand the local standards. Although dozens of countries openly welcome teachers of English, each one has its own requirements for visas, training and so on. Bali is no exception!

Getting Great English Teaching Jobs in Bali: An FAQ

Question: How do I qualify to stay and work in Bali?

Answer: To teach in Bali, you need to work with a language school accredited by Indonesia’s Ministry of Education and Culture. Accredited schools coordinate with the Ministry to provide a work visa for you. This visa will allow you to stay in Bali for the duration of your contract. Teaching contracts typically last for 12 months.

Question: What credentials do I need to teach English in Bali?

Answer: The specific credentials you’ll need will vary between one language school and another. That said, you do not need to be a teaching professional in the U.S. to qualify. A number of factors, such as majoring in English, understanding Indonesian and having EFL (“English as a Foreign Language”) certifications can help you qualify. However, most teaching positions in Indonesia mostly require a TEFL certificate as a bare minimum requirement. It can be difficult to get a work visa unless you are a native English speaker fro native English speaking countries, but schools or some TEFL programs will help you get you through and become qualified.

Question: What is the process of becoming an English teacher in Bali like?

Answer: To become a teacher, you’ll have to go through an application process just as you would with any other job. This typically includes a detailed written application followed by an interview via telephone or Skype. Once you arrive, you’ll usually have 7-10 days of training before you work with a senior teacher to instruct students. checking a website like Point Point education, who have a section for Asian vacancies, can take a lot of the stress out of calling around.

Question: How much will I make as an English teacher in Bali?

Answer: While income varies by school, a monthly wage equivalent to $500 is typical. This can include a transportation stipend if your housing is far from your school. A school will also typically help its incoming teachers to find housing that works for them before the start of classes. Foreign teachers of English who are staying in Indonesia often live alone. Within Bali itself, though, “roommate” accommodations are not unheard of.

Question: Do I need to understand Indonesian to become an English teacher?

Answer: No! While knowing Bahasa Indonesia will certainly help you get around in Bali, it isn’t required for most teaching jobs. While in a classroom, you’ll usually be expected to speak English and English only. A command of Indonesian is helpful if you want to work with more mature students, such as business professionals. This can earn you more money, too!

Question: Will I still have to pay U.S. taxes and student loans while in Bali?

Answer: You should consult a tax professional for insight on specific tax questions. Generally speaking, though, you will file taxes even if you do not make any money in the United States in a given year. Foreign income below a certain level is not taxed in the United States, however. You may also be able to get student loan deferments if your foreign income is low.

Question: Do I need specific inoculations or medical care before leaving for Bali?

Answer: The CDC recommends vaccinations for hepatitis A and typhoid for all U.S. residents travelling in Indonesia. You should visit a doctor two or three months before departure to see if any other vaccinations would be helpful for you. While in Bali, it’s a good idea to avoid drinking water from rural or natural sources and to minimize exposure to mosquitoes.

Looking for Adventure? Teaching English in Bali Might be Right For You

Bali teaching jobs can provide you with a wealth of terrific experiences while giving you the chance to help others achieve their dreams. Some teachers grow to love Bali and stay for years!

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