Where is Echo Beach in Bali?


Echo Beach is a part of Canggu in Bali, Indonesia. This places it about 50 minutes to an hour away from the main airport in Denpasar. By using the proper fixed price with a taxi, you should only pay 135, 00 IDR (around $13.50 AUD)  to get from the airport to your accommodation in Echo Beach. Taxi touts will often ask for a lot more, so you could end up spending up to double this, unless you hold your ground.


If you’re coming from Seminyak, it takes about 30 minutes in a car (less if you’re on a scooter). If you’re taking an Uber, it should cost between 35, 000 – 45, 000 IDR (around $4 AUD).


The map of Echo Beach below shows just how little of the island of Bali you traverse from the airport to your destination.

Echo Beach Bali map


What is Echo Beach?


Echo Beach’s Balinese name is Pantai Batu Mejan, and it is a black-sand beach. It is not really a swimmers beach, but more known for it’s surf spots and lesser numbers of tourists. There are usually no lifeguards, so you would need to be a competent swimmer who can read the waters in order to use the beach itself.


If you do not want to swim, it still makes a lovely place to stroll along, or even enjoy a sunset Bintang or coconut as you watch the surfers catch the last waves of the day under natural light.

Surfing Echo Beach


surfing Echo Beach


By searching for “Echo Beach surf report”, most sites will lead you towards their general report for Canggu. You can use these as a general guide to what the surf will be like, but if you’re only a short drive away, it is recommended that you go and look for yourself. At most times of day, there will be surfers paddling out, so chances are even when conditions are bad, it’s still kind of good by your home standards.


Echo Beach Restaurants and Cafes


The most famous place to eat in Echo Beach is the Echo Beach Club, otherwise known as ‘the beach house’.


It is in a very nice location overlooking the beach, and the food is of a high standard, and the happy hour is very reasonably priced, with Bintang beers only costing 20, 000 IDR ($2 AUD). They have a large range of western food options, with a lot of Australian beef on the menu and a special emphasis on seafood.


Other restaurants aimed at western tourists include:


  • Bu-Ba-Q’s – Australian owned restaurant specialising in barbecue pork ribs.
  • Circo – Seafood and Sangria.
  • Sate Cafe – Mainly does satay sticks made from pork, beef, and seafood. Also has a traditional Indonesian menu available.
  • Captain Catch – Seafood, steak and more.
  • Boardriders Echo Beach – Australian style cafe fare.
  • Grocer & Grind – A cafe focusing on big brekkies and healthy juices.
  • Nalu Bowls – Smoothie bowl shack. Granola and tropical fruits mixed in to some healthy bowls.
  • Mandira – Omelettes, pancakes, fruit, espressos, Indonesian food. This shop has some seating out front, and they will give you a lot of different food if you just check out their menu.
  • Pizza House – Pizza, pasta, salads and desserts.
  • Taco Casa – Practically any kind of Mexican food you want, with vegetarian, pork, beef or fish fillings.


The food itself is not that expensive, though if you are staying for an extended amount of time, it might make sense to eat like the locals. Warungs (small restaurants) can be found all over if you start to walk away from the main road, Jalan Batu Mejan. Tasty and satisfying meals can be found here for as little as 10, 000 IDR (around $1 AUD), so you can see how much money can be saved in the long run if you’re staying for a month or longer and really trying to make your budget last.


Other Things to Do in Echo Beach


  • Rent a motorbike and drive into the main bustle of Canggu.
  • Chill out in your villa, most of which are much better priced than Seminyak or Kuta.
  • Check out Echo Beach’s Sunday Session, hosted at Deus Ex Machina. This place features a board shaping workshop, an art gallery, custom vintage motorcycles, and even a skateboard halfpipe.
  • Bring your laptop and tap into the hard working digital nomads at Dojo Bali, a co-working space.
  • Get surf lessons. Surf instructors welcome beginners and will teach you on Echo Beach or a nearby one like Old Man’s beach.
  • Walk along to the other’s beaches of Canggu, or if you have enough time you can walk all the way to Seminyak and back within a day.

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