Mola-mola (oceanic sunfish) is a phenomenal marine animal and become the icon for the underwater of Nusa Penida, Klungkung regency, Bali. One location to start a dive to see sunfish is Padangbai village, Karangasem. On June to October, Padangbai is visited by foreign divers. The target is to see sunfish. However, not all the divers could see the Mola-mola. Need luck to be able to see this fish. Among the divers, this fish is the target. If they are lucky to see this fish the foreign divers can give some tips to the guide or dive guide.

Mola-mola is a species of marine fish in the form of flat round, like the sun. These fish are predators of jellyfish and many spend their time in depths greater than 600 meters below sea level. The unique shape, large in the head with playful eyes and two towering fins without a tail like a very interesting for divers. According to information from the dive guide there, two favourite dives spot where sunfish is common is the Blue Corner and Crystal Bay. This dive will certainly make your vacation more memorable.

Purnama (Full Moon) at Besakih Mother Temple in Bali

On Purnama (Full Moon) Besakih Temple looks very crowded. Many Balinese people and foreign tourist visited this temple with variety of purposes there. Anyone wants to pray, others want to walk around to see the temple, where this temple is known as the mother temple in Bali. In the temple area, many local communities that offer services in carrying your luggage or offering the umbrella, because Bali island is currently entering the rainy season and a local guide who will guide you during a tour there.

Hindu community who come from all over Bali, do praying there. They believe after praying, they will become calmer, clear mind and feel peaceful. In addition, Hindu community begged the Bali island always peaceful and always in the protection of the god. This activity was greatly attracted the attention of foreign tourists who visit there. Many tourists documenting the activities of the Hindu community. It will be memorable for them after returning to their country. For those of you, who want to spend a holiday in Bali, went to the Besakih temple can be your vacation activities in Bali.

Traditional Balinese culture in penglipuran village

Bali has many unique cultures that can make you impressed. One of them is the society cultures in Penglipuran Village. Penglipuran Village is a traditional village has its own characteristics, including Kubu village, district of Bangli, and Bangli regency. The village is located approximately 6 km north of the town of Bangli. Supported by the cool air because of its height around 700 m above sea level, providing convenience for local residents and for those who visit the village.

Regularity of the settlement pattern suggests a wonderful and beautiful village. Angkul-angkul or entrance to the courtyard facing a similar house-to-face between the lanes to one lane to another due to be separated by a road with traditional Balinese architecture. In this village which is very good for wisatan happy with peace, nature and architecture of beautiful old buildings that are still not in others are encountered again in the region particularly on the island of Bali.

Self-cleaning place at Tirta Empul

Tirta Empul is one of history is still frequented by tourists. The second temple is one of the leading tourist objects Gianyar, Bali. Located approximately 40 km north of Denpasar, requiring approximately 1 hour drive from the International Ngurah Rai Airport in Bali. Located in the district of Gianyar Tampaksiring that has natural beauty and coolness.

Tirta empul is Located at the curb Tampaksiring-Bangli, transportation access is very easy to reach. West of this Tirta Empul, President Sukarno established a presidential palace called the Palace of the President Tampaksiring.

History of Tirta Empul

According to the legend of the society during the reign of Bali said Mayadenawa who ruled Bali, Mayadenawa ruled by an arbitrary action. This resulted in the gods became angry and decided to destroy Mayadenawa. Indra Bhatara Mayadenawa sent to fight the power. At the time of the battle many of the troops who have been killed Mayadenawa finally escape. On the way to escape from the pursuit of Lord Indra, Mayadenawa walk in a way tilt legs to land that does not vibrate and in stampede Bhatara known by Indra. From this story in place Mayadenawa tilt legs stood a village called Tampaksiring. Therefore Mayadenawa effort and the troops of Lord Indra face overwhelmed eventually he made the water toxic. Water that is drunk by the soldiers, soldiers of Lord Indra who made a limp all of Lord Indra. And finally take a flag of Lord Indra yellow and drove it to the ground, steaming clear water out so the place is named Tirta Empul.

According to the Hindu community in Bali, Tirta or purified water can provide relief, and clean all the dirt both outer and inner dirt, or by the people of Bali called pengleburan in scale and timeless. Tirta Empul is also one of the main tirta used in every religious existence of Hindu ceremonies in Bali.

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