Destination weddings are a way to make any marriage ceremony more memorable. One of the more popular destinations today is the province of Bali in Indonesia. Bali has many unique features that can make every wedding in the tropical setting special. There are several reasons to get married in Bali.

Beautiful and Scenic Locations

One of the main reasons is because Bali has a wide range of beautiful and scenic locations. It is possible have a ceremony on the beach complete with wedding music as the waves roll in the background. There are historic temples and scenic waterfront areas. Many people choose to have weddings at luxury resorts or hotels with distinctive landscapes. There is an amazing location in Bali for nearly any style of wedding and any personal taste.

Tropical Weather

Weather can be a real problem in some parts of the world. The tropical weather in Bali creates a perfect setting for the ceremony and the wedding band. The weather is often warm and sunny with a gentle breeze to keep everyone comfortable. It is easy to avoid bad weather for most of the year. The pleasant tropical weather makes it easier to plan a wedding in Bali.

Choose From Different Types of Ceremonies

It is possible to choose from a number of different wedding ceremonies when getting married in Bali. Visitors can have a traditional ceremony that is legally binding. There are religious ceremonies for nearly every major faith. There are also traditional Balinese ceremonies that provide a unique wedding experience. All of these ceremonies can include elegant decorations, festive wedding music and a reception that will keep guests entertained.


A number of people are choosing to get married in Bali because of the cost. It is possible to plan a ceremony, rent a space and schedule a wedding band in Bali for less than in other countries. Read this informative post to see why your wedding need a wedding band. It is also possible to plan a more elaborate and memorable wedding ceremony for the same cost as a basic service back home. Although the weddings cost less, they are still the same high quality brides, grooms and guests would expect.

Honeymoon in the Same Area

A final reason to get married in Bali is that the newlyweds can honeymoon in the same area. There is no need to get on a plane and fly for hours after the ceremony is completed. The newlywed couple can just take a short ride to the honeymoon suite or hotel. Bali is full of landmarks, resorts and activities that can make any honeymoon an experience to remember for a lifetime.

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