Are you looking for an effective way to attract pedestrians’ attention, promote your services or products, and drive foot traffic to your businesses? Have you considered using A-frame signage? These versatile and effective tools can help you achieve all these things irrespective of the size of your business. However, to start reaping the fruits of using A-frame signage, you have to learn how to choose them. The following section will help you learn several ways to select the right A-frame signage.


10 Tips for Choosing A-Frame Signage

When it comes to selecting A-frame signage, you need to do the  following things;


  • Define your goals and objectives

This is the first thing you should do before selecting A-frame signage for your business. When you define your goals and objectives, you can choose an A-frame signage that aligns with them. This is why you need to find out if you want a frame of signage to help you attract more customers,  enhance brand visibility, or promote a specific product. This also enables you to select the A-frame signage that will align with your marketing strategy.


  • Decide  on placement and location

Where will you place your A-frame signage when you buy it for your business? These two are very important factors that will affect the effectiveness of the A-frame signage you select. For this reason, consider foot traffic patterns, obstructions and visibility from the roadside and sidewalks. Also, make sure that you select the A-frame signage that can be placed at your chosen location, maximise exposure, and ensure that your target audience can visibly see the A-frame signage.


  • Evaluate the size of the A-frame signage

A-frame signages are available in different sizes. Therefore, when selecting your A-frame signage, you must consider the size of the signage that will suit you. The best way to choose the size ideal for your A-frame signage is to determine your intended location and viewing distance. However, you always have to ensure that the A-frame signage you select is big enough to capture the attention of the people passing by without affecting the space available. Consider the local regulations on signage sizes and placement.


  • Check the quality and nature of the material used

A-frame signage is always used for outdoor advertisements, meaning they are placed outdoors where they are exposed to various weather conditions like wind,  sunlight and rain. For this reason, you should consider the quality and nature of the materials used to make the available A-frame signage. Always prioritise durability and resistance to ensure you purchase A-frame signage that can withstand the elements and last long without losing its integrity over time.


  • Choose double-sided display

Another thing to do when choosing your A-frame signage is to make sure that the signage is double-sided. This is a great advantage since you will use single signage to display your advertising content in both sizes, maximising the exposure of signage.


= Check for customisation options

Additionally, it helps if you check for customisation options for different A-frame signage. This will help you select the A-frame signage with customisation options that align with your design and messaging requirements and needs.


  • Ensure legibility and visibility.

Ensure you also check the legibility and visibility of the A-frame signage you find. For better results, you should select an eyecatching A-frame signage that is visible and legible for your potential audience to see from afar.


Even if it is your first time selecting A-frame signage, you should not have a hard time when you have the above tips in your fingernails. Therefore, make sure you remember to use these tips when you select A-frame signage.










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